Coco’s jazz gig of the week

Published on Sorties Jazz Nights on October 1st 2015

Two concerts at L’OFF Jazz!

Saxophonist Annie Dominique Quintet, Saturday, Oct. 3rd at Résonance + The GGRIL invites guitarist Joe Morris, Monday, Oct. 5th at La Vitrola.

Saxophonist Annie Dominique presents her latest compositions from her first album Tout Autour, with some seasoned musicians.  A brand of modern, utopist and elaborate jazz. Perfect for kicking off the evening!

Annie Dominique, tenor sax • Jean-Nicolas Trottier, trombone • Jonathan Cayer, piano • Sébastien Pellerin, bass • Alain Bourgeois, drums.

Annie Dominique Quintet
Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 5pm : L’OFF Jazz au Résonance.
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