Poste-AM Quintet is back! 2016-10-18

October 28th 9pm @ Resonance Cafe

A reunion of like minded jazzers, close at heart yet geographically far apart. Their sonic worlds combine for one night only!

Alexis French – trumpet
Annie Dominique – tenor sax
Lara Driscoll – piano
Nicolas Bédard – double bass
Mark Nelson – drums

suggested contribution: 8$

Surprise coming! 2016-05-26

Something is up with the “Annie Dominique Quintet” this summer. Stay tuned!

Review of the album Tout Autour 2015-07-23

Nice review of Annie Dominique album Tout Autour on the website

Annie Dominique Quintet – Tout Autour

July 16, 2015

Because there aren’t that many female soloist musicians around in the Montreal / Québec jazz scene, here’s an opportunity to discover a new one. Young saxophonist Annie Dominique is worth a listen, she has a form of constance with some great musical ideas. Once again, no standards on this nine track release, but personal compositions as well as many solos she gladly shares with trombone player Jean-Nicolas Trottier.

Serious jazz, some might say, with the presence of departed jazz musicians John Coltrane and certainly Michael Brecker in the background, without actually copying them or their state of mind. Étude no. 1 gives us a good idea of the intuitive talent of saxophonist Annie Dominique, just like AM, which highlights a uncanny sense of the ballad (there’s some Dexter Gordon in there). Our fav track : Another Waltz. Let’s also mention the essential work of the rhythm section including Jonathan Cayer at the piano, Sébastien Pellerin on bass and Éric Thibodeau at the drums.

Christophe Rodriguez is also jazz, classical and book columnist/blogger at the Journal de Montréal

Annie Dominique Sextet 2015-06-29

IMG_2693 8Featuring the amazing trumpeter Lex French from New Zealand.

July 8th 2015 at Resonance Cafe @ 9p.m.

Annie Dominique -tenor sax
Lex French – trumpet
Nicolas Ferron – guitar
Jonathan Cayer – piano
Sébastien Pellerin – basse
Mark Nelson – drums

Jazz Composers Serie 2015-06-29

11705402_658201047614782_6945914016033369691_oWednesday July 1st, 2015
Le Bleury – 2109 de Bleury @ 11p.m.

Andy King – tpt
Al McLean – sax
Annie Dominique – sax
Steve Nelson – guitar
Olivier Babaz – basse
Mark Nelson – drums

New album 2015-06-15

a-Dom-11You can now by the album “Tout Autour” on iTunes. For a material copy, please contact me.

Annie Dominique – tenor sax
Jean-Nicolas Trottier – trombone
Jonathan Cayer – piano
Sébastien Pellerin – bass
Éric Thibodeau – drums

CD Launch 2015-05-25


My new album Tout Autour will be release on June 10th at Upstairs Jazz Bar.

20h: 10$, 21h15: 10$, 22h30 : Free

Annie Dominique : tenor sax
Jean-Nicolas Trottier : trombone
Jonathan Cayer : piano
Sébastien Pellerin : bass
Éric Thibodeau : drums